8mgs plans include several help/support services

Ticket support:

Ticket support is included for all customers.

Tickets can be submitted using your customer dashboard: More Information.
Note: Support is available during working hours, Monday to Friday (although some tickets can however be processed exceptionally outside these working hours, so do not hesitate to enter your tickets at any time).

Bug reports:

Bugs can be reported by using the ticket support service (see prior note on submitting tickets).

Bug fixes will be included into official 8mgs versions and deployed after official 8mgs releases (major or minor versions), except if no workaround is available, in which case the fix will then be deployed immediately.

Release upgrades:

Upgrade to stable releases (feature and bug fix releases) are available on customer request, few days after the official 8mgs release, for all plans and for all customers, at no extra charge.

Backup and restore:

A backup of your data (database and files) is done once a day. Restorations required by customers will however be chargeable at 50 Euros, if this is due of an incorrect customer action. Restoration is free, if the problem is due to a hardware or software problem at the hosting end.